New Landscape Construction

Kentucky Blue Grass offers a variety of New Landscape Construction Services:


Adding hardscaping elements to the landscape is not only adding additional structures to your yard but are also practical and visually appealing.
You can add retaining walls to reduce or remove any unwanted slope in the yard. This then giving you more usability or the option of installing a garden wall to create a raised flower bed.

Pavers will extend your living area to the outside of your home and will help you move around your yard without damaging any of the landscape. There are a variety of style, colors and textures of both pavers and retaining wall to choose from to match your style and home. When installed correctly, pavers will be weed free and last many many years. One major benefit of pavers compared to concrete is that if the winter frost shifts the ground you can re-level the paver area affected were as concrete will leave you with unsightly cracks and no way to permanently fix.

Kentucky Blue Grass offers an extensive variety of hardscaping products and installation from pavers, retaining walls to water features and artificial turf installation.

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Water Features:

Water Features are a wonderful addition to any landscape big or small. Listening to the water as it cascades off the rocks and watching the water shimmering as it reflects off the light can be relaxing after any stressful day.
There are a variety of water features that can be installed to suit any need and budget, and some that require little maintenance. You can enjoy pondless water features, rock or driftwood bubblers, cascading waterfalls, creek beds running from a waterfall to a pond, dry creek beds, ponds and koi ponds.
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Fireplaces and Fire Pits: 

Sitting by a fire keeping you warm while entertaining guests or just enjoying a quite night listening to the water as it cascades over the rocks and the wood crackling during a cool Alberta evening creates a tranquil setting for you to unwind from your day.
Fire pits can be both wood burning or natural gas. There are many options to choose, from rustic to modern and to suit any budget.
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Fire Pit Video
Fire Pit Video

Landscape Lighting: 

This Feature is often-overlooked by customers. Landscape lighting adds a wonderful element to your landscaping during the evening in both summer and winter. Lighting your landscape can highlight features in the landscape such as water, decorative rocks, pathways and signs. Landscape lighting has come a long way and are now LED’s and a variety of light colors. These low voltage systems have built in timers with photocells that can program to your desired needs.

Trees and Shrubs Installation:

Kentucky Blue Grass can help you select the proper trees, shrubs, and perennials for your garden. There are many factors that are often over looked by customers when selecting the right plant material for the right place. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff members will help you decide which type of plant material should be planted based on the elements and your desires for the outdoor space given the available sunlight, moisture, required maintenance and soil conditions etc.

Rock and Mulch Bed: 

As a finishing touch, we can add decorative touches to your new landscape by adding mulch to the planting beds as well as rock and boulders for accent features throughout your outdoor space.

Mulch, when used correctly has many benefits for plant health to thrive. Mulch will retain moisture, act as a weed barrier, provide nutrients for the plants and reduce soil compaction. It can also regulate temperatures when transitioning between seasons, it is visually appealing and has a wonderful scent when installed.

Decorative Rock when used correctly provides a low maintenance option and is visually appealing. You can install different size rock together as well.
You can use both mulch and rock and you will have all the benefits for the plants while creating different textures throughout your landscape.
A member of our landscape department would be more than happy to meet with you and assist you with your new landscape designs.

Grading-Rough and Final:

Kentucky Blue Grass can assist you with both your rough grade and final grade requirements meeting city specifications for Edmonton and surrounding areas. We provide this service for new home/business construction and In-fill construction.

Turf and Sod:

There are a few different options when it comes to turf and sod. Each option has its pro’s and con’s and its own price point.
Grass seed, Hydro-seed, sod and artificial turf. We can install any of these options to complete the look of your new landscape.
Give us a call and one of our staff members would be happy to meet with you and explain the pros and cons between products. We can provide you with advice as to which you should install depending on your personal needs.