Deep root fertilization is available to assist in providing nutrients to your trees, shrubs and hedges.

Even if you get your lawn fertilized on a regular basis, it doesn’t give your trees and shrubs the nutrients your trying to give them. Without deep root fertilization the water does not reach far enough down to the root system. The grass takes most the nutrients and the clay in our Albertan soil absorbs the rest.

By using a probe, our deep root fertilizer applications are able to get right into the root zone where fertilizer and water is most effective.

Trees that have been given adequate water and nutrients are more resistant to insect and diseases then trees that have been stressed by drought or are malnourished. As Arborists, we see a huge difference in trees that get at least one application per growing season compared to unfertilized trees. We always advise deep root fertilizer for trees and shrubs trying to heal from insect attacks or pruning.