Kentucky Blue Grass offers Fertilizer and Weed Control services to keep your lawn looking great!

Do you dread those pesty Dandelions that grow in your lawn every year?
Dandelions are a prolific seed producer and each plant can produce 54 to 172 seeds per head, and a single plant can produce 2,170 to 23,000 seeds! That is alot of Dandelions!
Let Kentucky Blue Grass help and we can minimizes the amount of weed infestation your lawn has this season.
Liquid Fertilization and Weed Control can be applied at the contractor’s discretion to accomplish minimal weed infestation in your turf areas.

Liquid Fertilizer helps add the proper nutrients to your lawn, making it look greener, healthier and more lush. It can be fast acting and results can be seen in just a few weeks.

Three applications per season are recommended. The time of application is to be dictated by manufacturers’ recommendations and sound horticultural practice.


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Fertilizer Weed Control
Fertilizer Weed Control