Landscape Renovation

Over a long period of time you may find that your landscaping is not thriving the way you want it to? Maybe you would just like to update your plant selection with newer cultivars? Maybe you just bought a house and you are not keen on the former owners style of landscape? The mulch has faded or deteriorated? Decorative rock is contaminated with the decayed vegetation? Or Maybe you just want to start fresh and install a New Landscape for your property.
This is where Kentucky Blue Grass shines the most. We do not shy away from doing renovations and we thoroughly enjoy the challenge of “making the old new again”.
We own a variety of equipment BIG and small to help us create the garden of your dreams, for both your home and/or Business.

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Tree/Shrub Replacement:

Over time trees and shrubs may show signs of stress. This could be due to many factors such as pests (Insects and Diseases), poor planting techniques, yours or a neighbors tree could now be providing shade to an area which use to be full sun, or maybe it could have served its time and needs to be replaced.
We can help you choose the proper tree or shrub for the proper area.

Mulch and Rock Replacement:

Over time mulch will decay and needs to be “topped up”. This will help restore the desired color of the mulch, re-establish the weed barriers characteristics of the mulch as well as provide more nutrients for your plantings along with all the other benefits mulch can supply.

Decorative Rock can sometimes be contaminated with organic matter and as a result become infested with weeds. Your rock may need to be replaced with new fabric and rock depending on the extent of the contamination. In commercial properties, rock may need to be “topped-up” due to it being in a high traffic area and being displaced into the parking lot or sidewalks. It can also be contaminated during the snow removal process.
Let us know and we can access the area to what extent needs to be freshened up and what (if any) needs to be replaced.


Sometimes living in Alberta we can have erratic weather which can prevent us from maintaining the height and spread of certain plant material and as a result it becomes overgrown. Sometimes a previous home owner may have planted shrubs and trees too close together not accounting for future growth.
Kentucky Blue Grass would be more than happy to assist in “Taming the Garden”. Between our well-trained gardeners, landscapers and arborists, there isn’t much we can’t handle, and all will fall within our expertise. With a combination of pruning, selective plant removal or replacement, applying proper weed control and fertilizer, we can make your garden inviting again rather than not enjoyable because you dredge the sight of it due to how much work may be involved.


Lawn Rejuvenation:

Turf area’s sometimes break down and appear to be weak, thin or patchy. Give us a call and we can provide you with some solutions and pricing to rectify the problem. Sometimes it may be as simple as a small IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program and some may require major repairs.



A key component to any landscape is to supply the proper amount of water. As a result providing all your newly invested plant material to thrive and establish in their growing conditions. Kentucky Blue Grass can provide installation services for both new and existing landscapes. We also have a thorough team of maintenance personnel who can start up, inspect, adjust, repair and shut down your below ground irrigation system. They are also knowledgeable with water management programs meeting BOMA standards.