Improving Health and Aesthetics are usually the main objective when Pruning Shrubs and Small Trees.

For Small Trees our certified Arborists can see which branches and stems will grow to be weak, problematic and even hazardous.
The cuts we make are smaller which makes it easier for the tree to heal.
This type of Pruning can be done quickly and without the need of larger equipment, such as our bucket trucks or climbing ropes.

Having professional Arborists prune your trees when they are young can substantially reduce the need for future maintenance. In return this can eliminate the costs associated with pruning larger trees that have not been maintained.


When you prune your shrubs and hedges this improves the health and future growth of the shrubs.
Pruning includes the removal of deadwood, controlling the size of shrubs and height of hedges, and rejuvenates the appearance and health of old plants.
Size of shrubs can be controlled to improve safety and visibility. Appropriate spacing between shrubs can also be achieved by regular maintenance to your shrubs and hedges throughout the season.

Kentucky Blue Grass can help prune any of your shrubs or hedges.


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