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Property care by People Who Care

Kentucky Blue Grass has been making the outdoors better in our community since 1993. With a focus on consistency and quality we strive to be Edmonton’s stress free property care provider for each clients day one and years to come!  Read More..

Some extra services we provide

Along with our main departments we have some special services to make your life better!

Winter Sandboxes

We provide no hassle sandboxes that are perfect for Alberta’s unpredictable winters. 

Flower Planters

We offer custom planter arrangements with the best annuals for your needs. All our flower planters come with water and fall care!

Year round litter picking

We offer year round litter picking programs to help keep your property looking its best!

Holiday lighting

We offer safe and convenient holiday light supply, installation, removal, and storage services  

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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The Kentucky Edge

Our Blog has advice and information on a broad range of topics involving trees, landscaping, and property care. If one of our posts doesn’t have the answers you seek please feel free to shoot us a question!

Dothiorella Elm Wilt or just Elm Wilt is a common ailment for Alberta elm trees and often mistaken as Dutch elm disease. Elm wilt is a fungal infection that can infect any elm tree but is usually only fatal in very young trees or trees already […]
Anyone that owns apple or crab apple trees has probably heard of the infamous fire blight. This bacterial tree disease is often blamed for every ailment and failing but is rarely the actual culprit. Alberta summers are less suitable for fire blight than warmer climates so […]
Sunscald and frost cracks are trunk damages caused by rapidly changing temperatures and the effect that has on the cambium of trees. Sunscald damage is common on thin barked trees and young trees that have yet to develop a thick enough bark to insulate them from […]