“Be consistent,
be accessible.
That’s how we please people long term and why our standards are trusted” 

– Gary Schmidt, Kentucky Blue Grass Ltd Founder. 

About us

Property Care by People Who Care

Kentucky Blue Grass has been providing property care to our community since 1993, starting with a few grounds keeping crews and growing to service hundreds of sites in Edmonton and all surrounding areas. Like the type of grass we are named after we are constantly striving to grow and adapt for today. We also work hard to ensure yesterdays work is worthy of tomorrow. Kentucky is family owned and operated with diligent managers that personally oversee projects and provide quotes for free. We take great pride knowing we are improving our community and bringing our clients the peace of mind they deserve. 

3 Season Lawn Care

Our lawn care programs start with spring cleaning and followed by a well kept and healthy standard throughout the summer. In the fall we prep the site for winter with a thorough clean up.

Complete Summer Care

Our grounds keeping includes more than just lawn care! We provide gardening, litter picking, aerating,rough cutting and weed control.

High Quality Landscaping

Our Commercial Landscape Department is experienced in everything from laying sod to installing hardscapes. Working closely with our tree services department we are able to completely refresh entire sites in a streamlined and cost effective fashion.

Professional Arborists

Our Tree Services department is headed by a Board Certified Master Arborist and supported by ISA Certified Arborists throughout. Servicing both residential and commercial properties our tree services have a strong focus on quality balanced with best practice and safety. 

Stress Free Fertilizing and Water

We have a full range of watering services designed for stress free care. With certified and experienced staff we are able to provide the best care for mature and new plants alike!

Licensed Applicators

Between certified arborists, experienced horticulturalists, and licensed pesticide applicators we can both identify and treat your trees ailments. We are also experienced in vegetation control.

Why choose Kentucky to care for your property?

Our favorite slogan so far is Property Care by People Who care because we really do. As nature lovers we all feel your pain when your nature escape is hurt or at risk. We know how important that little bit of nature is to daily life so we work hard to improve and protect it and the people who enjoy it. From extending trees life, to fixing dangerous landscaping we are not done until the job is. We have the capability to adapt to your needs and the experience to do it well. 

Longevity and COmmunity

We have been around for a while now and have worked in every part of Edmonton and area. If something is wrong, even years later, clients know they count on us. 


Staying current on best practices and industry standard is a key factor in our work. We actively invest in our staff and equipment so we can do great work both safely and effectively. 

Fully Covered

We have full insurance and WCB to ensure that our clients are protected as much as our staff are.

High Quality

With dedicated quality control we provide high quality property care consistently and effectively.