About Us

Kentucky Bluegrass seed is one of the most resilient and adaptive grass seeds available. These traits make it relied upon to grow strong day after day; never failing to uphold its quality.

The Kentucky Blue Grass team carries the same strong qualities. From our department heads to our property care providers we grow as fast as your property grows, allowing us to provide reliable care of the highest quality. We treat every landscape, tree, garden, and lawn as if its our own back yard; because we love to know we made things better. KBG offers the depth needed to tackle property care projects of any size while we maintain genuine interest in your properties fullest potential. Our experienced department heads see your projects in person and get to know exactly what you need; then provide you a quote for FREE. Kentucky crews are directed by each head personally and the work is quality checked regularly.

Since 1993 Kentucky Blue Grass has been caring for and building beautiful exteriors throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas; including Sherwood Park, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, Nisku, Adrossan, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon and more. To see our work yourself check out the Kentucky Edge or find us on social media!

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