Flower Planting

Kentucky Blue Grass offers Flower planting in late May to early June. We can service planters, pots, beds, hanging pots or any space you want to fill with flowers!
Our prices include flowers, installation, first water only, removal, and any soils or peat moss required at Kentucky’s discretion.

Our Flower Planting Service include:

Preparation: We will turn over beds and planters to insure proper root growth. We check the soil for proper nutrients to achieve optimal health of the flowers. We also remove any weeds or unwanted dead vegetation in planters and/or flower beds.

Installation: We plant Annuals, Perennials and also Silk plants in the ground, raised flower beds, planters or pots outdoors or inside your facility.

Maintenance: Throughout the year, we will insure that your flowers stay weed-free and any flowers requiring dead heading will also be done to promote continuous growth.

Fall Removal: When the season comes to an end in mid-October, we remove all Annuals from planters and beds.

We can also provide additional services for your newly planted flowers such as Watering

We offer free consultation and quotes for any of your Flower Planting needs.