Lawn Maintenance

At Kentucky Blue Grass lawn maintenance is our specialty. We have been maintaining lawns in Edmonton and surrounding area since 1993. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with clean cut landscapes that highlight the value of their property and offer a carefree maintenance experience tailored to suit their needs.

Lawn mowing is conducted on a seven-calendar day rotation during the heavy growing season, and rotations remain constant unless interrupted by holidays or inclement weather.

Our lawn maintenance services include:

·      Lawns mowed to a height of 2.5 to 3.5” (6.5-7.5cm)

·      Trimming of all turf edges to match mowing height

·      Litter removed from all turf areas before cutting

·      Sidewalks and patios cleaned of debris after each service

·      All debris removed from the property and disposed of

·      Spring and fall cleanup

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