Lawn Maintenance

We pride ourselves in our Lawn Maintenance services. It is our goal to work to ensure our customers landscape is always healthy and growing in value. 

Our Lawn Maintenance Services include:

Mowing of all turf areas: We maintain a mowing height of 2.5″ to 3.5″ (6.5 – 7.5 cm) on all turf areas.
We conduct our Mowing on a seven calendar day rotation during the heavy growing season. The cycle will remain constant unless interrupted by holidays or force majeure.
The frequency of mowing will be regulated by height in order to provide consistent growth control, other than the times of heavy growth.

Trimming: We will trim all turf edges surrounding shrub beds, flower beds, in-lawn trees, fence lines and any other locations. Therefore this maintains a crisp and clean appearance of your lawn.

Litter Removal: All debris and other undesirable materials found on turf, in shrub beds, and landscaped areas during the course of maintenance is to be removed and disposed of.

Fall Clean Up: We provide Fall Clean-up services approximately October 15th – 31st, weather permitting.


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Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance
Fall Clean-up