Stop insect and disease from harming your trees! Kentucky Blue Grass can help diagnosis and treat diseases or pests from your trees!

Tree spraying & deep root fertilization are great options for increasing the health of your trees and fighting pests and diseases that threaten their health.

Saw fly and other such insects can destroy your trees very quickly. If you have spruce trees on your property, these insects can kill your younger trees in a just a few years. There is a small window of 4 weeks (mid June – July depending on weather) to keep sawfly under control before they go into the ground where they cannot be reached until the next year.

These insects and diseases are all very different from each other. Some are treatable, but unfortunately some will cause the loss of your trees and may require removal.Correct diagnosis is the first step toward helping your trees.

Our insect control is safe, easy and will save you hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars removing or replacing trees.

See our blog for information on insect ailments and how we can help!