Stump grinding and removal is a simple way to get rid of unwanted stumps.

Stump grinding allows for new landscape and plantings in that area, prevents future sucker growth, reduces tripping hazards, and improves the aesthetics of your property.

Our stump grinders will grind stumps and surface roots up to a depth of 12 inches. Depending on the location of the stumps, utility locates may be required prior to the work.We have several different stump grinders and can access most stumps with ease.

Some stumps can not be removed with grinders due to their location, obstacles around them, or have unseen debris in bedded in them such as re bar. For stumps that we cannot grind we have stump killing treatment that prevents regrowth.

The mulch from the stump grinding can be left in place or hauled away. We can also install top soil and grass seed over the area so you can’t tell the stump was ever there!

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