There are countless reasons to have trees pruned in Edmonton but they can all be grouped under tree health, site aesthetics, safety, and convenience. Kentucky Blue Grass Arborists are experienced in every type of pruning and are dedicated to the highest of quality. Our tree pruning procedures focus on tree health while using our industry’s best practices. Our cuts are carefully placed for healing and reducing trauma, encouraging healthy growth in the future. We always advise pruning trees while they are young to establish healthy structure and reduce future maintenance. Pruning is also our art when it comes to tree aesthetics. We start with a plan and carry out our work with that beautiful tree in mind, start to finish. We feel that in today’s age of technology and instant gratification, a trees slow grow to beauty is priceless. 

Safety is always the most important factor in any pruning project. Your property is valuable and your peace of mind even more so. That is why safety is not an option, it is a requirement. 

Sometimes trees can become a major hassle. From spruce needles ruining your paint job to a tree filling your yard with seeds, we understand that sometimes your beloved tree needs an attitude adjustment. Our ISA certified arborists will provide that stern pruning your trees need to gently coax them into better form. Our standard pruning can provide clearances, remove epicormic growth, remove deadwood, fix stubs, and improve structure on younger trees. When pruning for clearance our goal is to provide 3-5 years of clearance, so you don’t have to see us every year! We provide emergency services for damaged or fallen trees caused by lightning, wind, snowstorms, vehicle accidents, or any other unforeseeable circumstance that provokes severe safety concerns.

Kentucky Blue Grass is fully equipped to handle jobs that require aerial bucket trucks, climbing, and groundwork. Our ISA Certified Arborists and trained tree experts possess the knowledge and skills to handle any trees or shrubs you own

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