There are many different objectives to Tree Pruning in Edmonton: Improving Aesthetics, reducing risk of failure, providing clearance, reducing shade and wind resistance, and maintaining health.

The best time to begin pruning is when the tree is still young, as we can quickly and easily establish good shape and form that will reduce future risk.
Young tree pruning usually consists of smaller and less cuts which allows the tree to heal easily.

Unfortunately most folks don’t worry about their trees until their giant Elm Tree is blocking the driveway or beating on the roof! When it comes to pruning mature trees the objective is to remove unhealthy or hazardous branches larger than 1″ in diameter.
Pruning can provide clearances, remove suckers and epicormic growth, fix stubs from past pruning and include structural pruning when possible.
When Pruning for clearance our goal is to provide 3-5 Years of clearance, so you don’t have to see us every year!

Elm pruning is only done in the winter months (October 1-March 31) in effort to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.
We can do emergency Elm Tree pruning in the off season, but we need to obtain a Free permit from the City first.

We provide emergency services for damaged or fallen trees caused by lightning, wind, snow storms, vehicle accidents, or any other unforeseeable circumstance that provokes severe safety concerns.

Kentucky Blue Grass is fully equipped to handle jobs that require Aerial Bucket Trucks, climbing, or ground work. Our ISA Certified Arborists and trained tree experts posses the knowledge to execute each and every job in a controlled and safe manner.
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