As much as we all love trees, sometimes Tree Removal is necessary.

It may be that ‘tiny Grade 1’ Spruce Tree that is now a monster and has taken over your whole yard (sound familiar to anyone?) Or maybe your tree was damaged in an accident or stuck by lightening.
Whatever the reason, we’re happy to help with your Tree Removal.

Our ISA Certified Arborists and knowledgeable staff will use the proper tools and techniques to ensure the trees are safely and efficiently removed.

The trees proximity to its surroundings is a large factor in considering what equipment can be used to remove the tree and the cost associated.

We have a low impact system available. For example, if you have a prize garden underneath a tree that needs removal, we can safely lower pieces to avoid harm to any objects below.

Firewood from tree removals can be cut to length and left on site upon request (Excluding Elm Trees)

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