Kentucky Blue Grass provides a full range of watering services to Edmonton and all surrounding areas. Our water services are available at all residential, commercial, and industrial sites. We have deep root fertilizing to help trees heal and improve their health. We have versatile water programs to ensure the life of new plants. Licensed pesticide application to protect your plants from insects and disease. We even do large scale weed control. When Alberta doesn’t bring the rain, We will!


Our watering services are available for all residential, commercial, and industrial sites in Edmonton and area. Short term, Long term, or even single watering available.  

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization delivers nutrients directly to the plant being fertilized rather than losing most the nutrients to other plants and run off. 

Weed Control

We offer weed control for commercial sites that keep weeds out of lawns, parking, storage lots, and beds. Servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

Insect & Disease Treatment

Trees have countless things that want to prey on them. Luckily we can treat most ailments and give your trees the chance to recover and grow!