Kentucky Blue Grass operates during the winter too! We don’t offer snow removal services but we still provide convenient sandboxes. Our tree services operate year round and spend the winters working on elm trees and cleaning up black knot along side their normal services. Our litter picking works year round even during the holidays. We also offer holiday light installations and removal. When it get’s cold and you just want to stay warm you can count on us to get things done!


We have versatile Lawn Maintenance programs designed to give you a clean and crisp look for sites large and small. All boxes are supplied and filled by us then removed in the spring. 

Tree Services

During the winter our crews do most our black knot and elm pruning but we also do all other removals and pruning. Servicing residential and commercial sites in Edmonton and all surrounding areas. 

Litter Services

Our litter services operate all year round! Litter is even more of an issue in the winter when it stands out in the snow and ends up in snow banks. Let us keep it where is should be and keep your site pretty. 

Holiday Lighting 

We offer Holiday lighting services to residential and commercial properties in Edmonton and surrounding area. With options for supply, install, take down, and packing for storage.